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We are the Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance (RCPA), one of the only student driven, business-specific LGBTQ organizations in North America. Situated in the Rotman Commerce program at the University of Toronto, we celebrate student and ally diversity, provide opportunities for gaining knowledge, and educate students on the concerns and opportunities facing the community in the business world.

Founded in 2003, our presence in Rotman Commerce contributes to shaping the opinions and attitudes of tomorrow’s leaders. We equip students to create safe spaces for promoting inclusion, supporting differences, and creating actionable solutions to issues and opportunities in the community. We do this through integrating our mission and values, and model, into our events and year-long initiatives.

The Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance educates, empowers, and engages LGBTQ+ and Ally emerging leaders through leveraging the collective power of our corporate and community partners, alumni network, fellow student organizations, and university support system. Through the development and execution of innovative and forward thinking initiatives, we address business opportunities, develop talents, and creative inclusive spaces to maximize human potential.

To learn more about our model, and what we’ve been up to, take a look at our Annual Report!


rcpa and students

We provide inclusive and supportive spaces for Rotman Commerce students and other University of Toronto students. We recognize the needs and significance of being respected, understood, and included, and we want to help you feel proud and confident about who you are.

Also, we value self-development. We design our events and initiatives based on our model of education, empowerment, and engagement. We strive to help you maximize your potentials by developing professional skills, obtaining experience through working with leading corporations and community organizations that are active advocates for diversity. We have the largest corporate partner networks among Rotman Commerce student groups, ranging from accounting, finance, law, technology and consulting. By working with them, you will have ample opportunities to explore future career paths and gain valuable insight.

With the increased attention to workplace diversity, we seek to help you understand concerns and opportunities in your future workplace, so you will be able to better engage with your future colleagues and maximize your potential.

We are very excited to have you join our future events and opportunities. With the support of our LGBTQ students and allies, we continuously strive to create a larger and more inclusive community. Start being an ally today!

Here’s a video from one of our initiatives – Ally Week




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President – Keiron Narine


Vice President – Yujia Cheng


Director of Corporate Relations – Troy Peschke


Director of Finance – Ashley Nguyen

Director of Marketing – Catherine Tu

Co-Director of Events – Jonathan Nguyen


Co-Director of Events – Ken Qin

Director of Education and Community – Linson Lin







Through an interactive panel discussion, Q&A session, and roundtable discussion, students, corporate and community partners engage in in-depth dialogue surrounding workplace diversity and worker potential maximization. This year’s theme will focus on the  economic impact of engaging and disengaging the LGBTQ community.




DiverCity serves as Rotman Commerce’s premier case competition, and is one of the largest and most in-depth LGBTQ business case competitions in the world. At this event, students have the chance to apply their knowledge that they have gained through previous RCPA initiatives and in classrooms to solve a real life business case.




As an intimate networking reception between RCPA’s corporate and community sponsors and high potential LGBTQ and Ally students, this event allows the community to solidify connections they have built throughout the year. At this event, students will have the chance to engage in intimate conversation with corporate and community representatives and share what they have learned through their involvement with RCPA.



12792270_955980271149359_8346146601707339369_oMENTORSHIP PROGRAM

Partnering with representatives from different firms, selected students will be paired with a mentor to help guide them through their professional, academic, and personal development. The mentors will be given an opportunity to further their mentoring skills and become better role models.




ally week boothALLY WEEK

Ally Week is our pilot marketing initiative with fun activities to raise awareness and promote the role of the ally. The goal of Ally Week is to create a safe and inclusive space through the mass participation of students, faculty members, corporate and community partners. Activities include a photo competition and Ally of the Week.






As a partner with the RCPA, you will help facilitate programming that will educate students and create lasting brand impact. Your forward-thinking presence will empower our members and allies, and help set the standard of leveraging diversity for business success.

For further information, please contact Troy Peschke, Director of Corporate Relations at troy.peschke@utoronto.ca.












Nelson Ho, Senior Manager, Global Wealth & Insurance Operational Risk, Scotiabank

The representatives from RCPA are confident, intelligent and they all demonstrated great leadership qualities in terms of planning, strategizing, and executing project initiatives. Their delivery of key discussion points in a polished and professional manner impressed me the most. I had an exceptional experience with our collaboration with RCPA, not only would  I strongly support and promote RCPA to other Canadian’s Top 50 corporations, I look forward to collaborating with them again in the near future.”


Colin Druhan, Executive Director, Pride at Work Canada

“Pride at Work Canada was proud to be the focus of the Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance’s annual case competition in 2015. Not only did it provide visibility for our mission and programs, it allowed us to learn how we can better meet the needs and expectations of emerging leaders in our community. The Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance is helping to ensure that the next generation of LGBT and ally professionals is fully prepared to enter the workforce and help us work toward our vision of a nation where LGBT Canadians can achieve their full potential at work.”


Lawrence Spicer, VP, P&CB, Internal Audit Service, RBC

“At RBC, we care about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace for all employees – including the LGBT community – and we have a long history of supporting youth in our community.  Both of these are fundamental parts of our core values and our purpose as an organization.  So when we see other institutions, such as Rotman, with diversity and community goals aligned to ours, we’re happy to work together to help build a culture where everyone can reach their full potential. 

Millennials expect diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and we know that allies are an essential part of creating that inclusive environment. Initiatives like the Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance’s Ally Week provide an opportunity to speak to students about the importance of leading by example – showing support, taking action and standing up for inclusion – to create the corporate environment of the future that they expect. As the National Executive Pride Chair at RBC, I personally was delighted to be involved in the RCPA’s Ally Week and to have the opportunity to speak to future leaders about the diversity of thought that the LGBT community brings.”










Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance