Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance’s goal has always been to create safer, braver spaces for the LGBTQ+ community including all of our student attendees, speakers, sponsors, and corporate representatives. In light of the latest development regarding COVID-19, we have concluded that the only way of guaranteeing the safety of our community is to postpone our in-person events to future dates as governed by the university policies. Instead, we are coming up with innovative platforms to spread our pride online and continue to connect our students with opportunities. We are committed to making the experience of our students and corporate partners as meaningful and rewarding as possible even during this extraordinary time. We will keep you posted about the new initiatives and would love to have you be a part of them.

Before the 2019-2020 school year-end, we cancelled two of our highly anticipated events – DiverCity Case Competition and Reconnect – in collaboration with KPMG and Scotiabank respectively. We appreciate this community and all of the ongoing support and hard work that went into building these events from every corner of our corporate network and the former RCPA team.

At a time like this, please take care of yourselves and each other. We shall not forget that it takes a village to save the Village and to continue supporting small businesses, which have been the cornerstone to our community. We are indeed heartbroken, but we hope to share space with you again soon and to build a better future – together.

The Rotman Commerce Pride Alliance Team

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