We provide inclusive and supportive spaces for Rotman Commerce students and other University of Toronto students.  We recognize the needs and significance of being respected, understood, and included, and we want to help you feel proud and confident about who you are. Also, we value self-development.  We design our events and initiatives based on our model of education, empowerment, and engagement.  We strive to help you maximize your potentials by developing professional skills, obtaining experience through working with leading corporations and community organizations that are active advocates for diversity. We have the largest corporate partner networks among Rotman Commerce student groups, ranging from accounting, finance, law, technology and consulting.  By working with them, you will have ample opportunities to explore future career paths and gain valuable insight. With the increased attention to workplace diversity, we seek to help you understand concerns and opportunities in your future workplace, so you will be able to better engage with your future colleagues and maximize your potential. We are very excited to have you join our future events and opportunities.  With the support of our LGBTQ+ students and allies, we continuously strive to create a larger and more inclusive community.  Start being an ally today!

Helpful Resources

What does LGBTQ+ mean?  What are some myth-busters about LGBTQ+ people?  How can I help in creating a positive space?  Click the button down below to view the “Positive Space Booklet” and learn more about the LGBTQ+ community!

Student Testimonial

"Ever since I started attending RCPA’s events, I have been constantly impressed by the quality of the events as well as the care and professionalism each team member exhibits. Not only were the events useful for my professional growth, but I also learned a lot about the LGBTQ+ space within the business world, as well as how to be a better ally. One of my favourite events was their DiverCity Case Competition as I was able to apply my creativity and the things I learned in school in a real life setting. Overall, I am excited to see RCPA grow and will continue to attend their events!
Shirley Yang
B.Com, Class of 2021