Launch Date: October

Panel Discussion provides an opportunity for students to engage in an in-depth dialogue with corporate and community partners regarding workplace diversity and worker potential maximization. Through programs such as interactive panel discussion, Q&A section, and roundtable discussion, this event establishes the significance of corporate inclusion and encourages an ongoing dialogue between the students and partners throughout the academic year.

Panel discussion gives students an experience at a safe professional networking environment, therefore shaping groundwork for extending RCPA’s mission of promoting diversity and inclusion in the business world during the year.


Panelists share what they do, who they are, and how they got there. Throughout the rest of the panel, we examine that journey, discovering key pivotal moments, and strategies for going about the self discovery process.

New Features

Every year, the RCPA events team attempts to build on the successes of previous iterations of panel discussion by improving the experience of our students. This year we are introducing round tables to help garner discussion amongst our students and corporate partners. Not only do round tables support a higher degree of communication in a professional environment, but also encourage peer-to-peer discussion. It sets up a stage for greater dialogue by simplifying and streamlining the conversation process. This in turn results in a safer, more inclusive and enriching environment for everyone